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Pathway Education to Europe + Free Internship in the USA

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Gain an experience for a lifetime!

Study, Work & Travel in 3 Continents for as little as 2 years.

Apicius Culinary Arts (Philippines) and HRC Culinary Academy (Bulgaria, Europe) have officially launched their International Dual Degree in Culinary Arts. This exciting program allows students to study the first year in the Philippines, followed by a year at HRC Academy leading to an associate’s degree in Culinary Arts.

During the second year, Apicius students will receive advanced culinary training at the HRC campus in Europe, followed by a paid OJT-internship at luxury hotels in the USA.

Step 1: 6 months at Apicius - 588 hours (98 Sessions)

In the first 6 months, the student needs to undergo culinary training with Apicius in preparation for further studies in Europe. Through culinary programs, students will learn basic kitchen operations, the history of major cuisines, cooking techniques, and health and safety procedures

Step 2: 6 months Local or Int'l Internship (800 hrs.)

Another 6 months of culinary training in the real kitchen setting. The student need to undergo practicum in a hotel following the training plan that will be provided by Apicius. Student has an option to choose either local or international internship.

For local, we will be the one to endorse the student to our local hotel partners.

For International Internship, the student may choose from South East Asian countries or Spain. Our sister company, Advance Global Skills will be the one help the student to our international hotel principal + the documentation and processing of VISA (if any).

Step 3: 6 months at HRC Culinary Academy

After a year, the student will go straight to Bulgaria for another 6 months of advanced culinary training with the opportunity to train with different foreign national students.

  • Advanced Cooking

  • F&B Modular Training

  • Food Photography & Styling

  • Hospitality Management

The student will have an option to work part-time 20 hours per week while studying.

Step 4: 6-12 months well-paid Internship in the USA

  • Opportunity to be deployed in the luxury hotels or resort in USA or Europe

  • Well Paid Internship via J1 Program

  • 100% Assurance that your VISA will be approved

  • Traineeship Allowance of $1,800 - $2,500 (Php 90,000 - Php 120,000) monthly

After completion of the program, the student will be earning 1 Diploma from Apicius + 1 Diploma for HRC Culinary Academy. International Dual Degree in Culinary Arts Diploma is accredited by the American Culinary Federation.

  • The most comprehensive culinary certification program in the world.

  • The Standard of Excellence for Chefs

  • Recognized globally

To check the full details of the program, continue reading here.

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