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TESDA Dual Qualification in Professional Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking
leading to

CTH Level-3 in
Professional Cookery 

A more substantial intermediate-level course, that further develops learner's food preparation, cooking and finishing techniques and allows them to hone in on particular areas of interest.

Program Overview

Apicius Culinary School is an accredited Training Center that offers Level 3 Professional Cookery under UK Program. All our students who will take up this course get an internationally recognized standard of culinary training appropriate to the needs of the hotel and travel industries, via its syllabi, examinations and awards.

This is an intermediate-level course, that introduces learners to more refined food preparation, cooking and finishing techniques.

The CTH Level 3 Professional Cookery qualifications are advanced culinary programs aimed to teach each step of the creation of a dish in greater detail. Students will learn the correct way to prepare food, the best practices when cooking meals and finally, how to finish and present what they make.

Course Duration

744 Hours (125 Sessions) + 600 Hours Hotel Internship ( Local or International)

Course Curriculum

Basic Foundation: Cookery NCII & Bread & Pastry Production NCII under TESDA competency based program.

Students undertaking this program must study the mandatory units from the Level program plus a choice of five additional options that allow them to focus on particular areas of interest.

Mandatory Units:

  • Techniques and skills in preparation, cooking and finishing vegetables, sauces and soups

  • Techniques and skills in preparation, cooking and finishing poultry, meat and game

  • Techniques and skills in preparation, cooking and finishing fish and shellfish

  • Techniques and skills in producing frozen, cold and hot desserts

  • Techniques and skills in baking and baked products

Optional Units:

  • Food safety practices in the preparation, service and storage of food

  • Kitchen organization

  • Food product development

  • Techniques and skills in producing fermented dough products

  • Nutrition and producing healthier dishes

  • Techniques and skills in producing farinaceous dishes

  • Vegetarian and plant-based cookery

  • Techniques and skills in producing ethnic dishes

  • Techniques and skills in producing international dishes

  • Supervising the professional kitchen

Internship Opportunities

With this program, you’re eligible to gain international experience in any of these countries: USA, Southeast Asian Countries, Spain, Poland, France, Greece, Malta, Mauritius & Czech Republic.

Pathway Opportunities

With this program, students are eligible upgrade their education in Canada, Australia, New Zealand or Spain. (Study + Well Paid Internship)

Diploma  & Certification

CTH is a Gold standard qualification for the Hospitality, Culinary & Tourism industries
After completion of this course, the student needs to pass the CTH assessment which is done every quarter of the year. The qualification is internally assessed but with external moderation from a CTH assessor from UK.
Once you’ve passed the assessment, you will be receiving CTH International Diploma aside from the Diploma that you will receive from Apicius.


Quick #Facts about CTH

  • Out of more than 250 Approved Centres of CTH Worldwide... In the Philippines, Apicius is the ONLY culinary school accredited to offer the CTH Program.

  • Did you know? CTH Culinary programs have been developed by professional chefs. Some of the modules were developed by well-known international British Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay

  • CTH programs are well respected across the industry and this is clear from the program endorsements it has received from major employers such as De Palma, Le Meridien, Hilton, Renaissance, Virgin Atlantic, Star Alliance and GTMC.

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