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Fundamentals in Culinary Arts
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Associate's Degree in Culinary Arts

Experience the journey of a lifetime!
Study, work, and travel across three continents in just 2.5 years. Follow a pathway education program in Europe that includes a paid international internship.

Course Certification

  • TESDA Cookery NCII

  • International Diploma from HRC Culinary Academy, accredited by the American Culinary Federation.

  • Apicius Culinary Arts - Completion Certificate 

Program Overview

We are thrilled to announce the launch of an innovative academic program that provides students with a comprehensive culinary education across two continents. This unique program allows students to study and train for the first year in the Philippines and then receive advanced training and an Associate’s Degree in Culinary Arts at HRC Academy in Bulgaria. 

Why Choose Our Program?

World-Class Training: Receive top-notch culinary education from leading culinary institutes in both the Philippines and Europe.

Global Experience: Gain valuable international experience and exposure through your studies and internship.

Career Support: Benefit from ongoing career support from the HRC Network and our team of industry experts.

Career Opportunities: This program opens doors to a successful career in the USA or continental Europe. As a graduate, you will join a vast HRC Network of 400+ alumni spanning every continent, giving you access to full career support and guidance throughout your professional journey.

Program Map


6 months at Apicius - 588 hours (98 Sessions)

In the first six months, students undergo culinary training at Apicius in preparation for further studies in Europe. Through the culinary programs, students learn the fundamental foundations of Cookery NCII under the TESDA competency-based program. They also acquire knowledge of basic kitchen operations, the history of major cuisines, cooking techniques, and health and safety procedures.


6 months Local or International Internship (800 hrs.)

Students will complete another six months of culinary training in a real kitchen setting. They will undergo a practicum in a hotel following the training plan provided by Apicius. Students have the option to choose either a local or international internship.


6 months at HRC Culinary Academy

After completing a year of study, students will continue their journey to Bulgaria for an additional six months of advanced culinary training. This experience offers the opportunity to train alongside students from various countries, providing a rich, multicultural learning environment.

During this advanced program, students will gain expertise in:

  • Advanced Cooking: Hone advanced culinary skills and techniques.

  • F&B Modular Training: Learn the intricacies of food and beverage operations.

  • Food Photography & Styling: Explore the art of presenting and capturing culinary creations.

  • Hospitality Management: Understand key concepts in managing and leading within the hospitality industry.


6-12 months well-paid OJT in USA

  • Opportunity for Placement: Gain valuable experience by being deployed to luxury hotels or resorts in the USA or Europe.

  • Well-Paid Internship: Participate in a J1 program offering competitive compensation.

  • Guaranteed Visa Approval: Receive 100% assurance that your visa application will be approved.

  • Competitive Stipend: Earn a traineeship allowance of $1,800 to $2,500 per month.

Who is HRC Culinary Academy?

The Premiere Culinary School in the Eastern Europe

  • Founded by HRC Intl Group

  • Providing education at an international level, affordable and accessible to every individual. Their programs are designed by top chefs from around the world and combines extensive hands-on culinary training at the Academy

  • They have a huge network and industry partners - hotels and resorts in Europe, Middle East, South Africa and the USA

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