(TESDA Course)

Cookery NC-II program provides knowledge and skills in the use of kitchen tools, preparing and cooking hot and cold meals. 

What is FUSANG's operational hours?

Fusang Vault and Fusang Exchange platforms operate on a 24/7 basis with some specific services of the platforms operating on business hours.

What is a digital securitie/security token?

Digital Securities are securities (i.e. Stocks, Bonds, CISand Derivatives, etc.) that are represented in digital-native form. In other words, instead of receiving a paper-based certificate of ownership, you receive a digital token that represents your ownership and rights (i.e. votes, dividends, etc.) and executes in a “smarter” way. Likewise to traditional securities, Digital Securities are compliant with regulations of different jurisdictions to protect the interests of issuers and investors.

How are Digital Securities different?

The innovative difference for Digital Securities is that we program traditional securities (i.e. Stock, Bond and ETFs) to be “smart”, by which implementing different execution logics and storing various confidential information. Thus, issuers or investors enjoy faster and better execution throughout the security servicing lifecycle. Digital securities are simply smart evolution from traditional paper-based certificates because they can do three things: 1/ Store critical information such as details of security, ownership, and other sensitive information as encrypted code 2/ Authenticates a person’s identity electronically, using the encrypted codes as the proof 3/ Self-executing smart contracts, meaning that digital securities can also store the logic of how transactions will be executed, including dividend issuances

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