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Cookery NCII

THE Cookery NC-II program provides knowledge and skills in the use of kitchen tools, preparing and cooking hot and cold meals. 

Program Overview

This is a technical-vocational program that develops skills in planning, preparing, cooking and serving various menus. Students are taught how to make/cook meat, appetizers, salads, vegetables, sandwiches, eggs, desserts and more.


Students under the Cooking NCII program are trained in different food preparation and presentation techniques based on industry standards. Topics like receiving, storing and managing kitchen supplies are covered in the program.

Course Duration

360 Hours (36 Sessions) + 300 Hours Internship ( Local or International)

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Culinary Arts

  • General Safety at Work Place

  • Safe Food Preparation Procedures

  • Personal Hygiene and Kitchen Hygiene

  • Menu Planning & Recipe Costing

  • Identifying and familiarizing  Kitchen Equipment

  • Market Tour and Farm Tour

  • Introduction to the 5 Mother Sauces 

  • Basic Knife Skills & Cutting Techniques

  • Different Cooking and Preparation Methods

  • International Pasta Dishes

  • Familiarization with Poultry, Pork & Beef Cuts

  • Special Equipment used to prepare Desserts

  • Packing of Food for Storage 

  • Labeling of packed food 

Internship Opportunities

With this program, you’re eligible to gain international experience in any of these countries: Southeast Asian Countries or Poland

Business Meeting

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