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TESDA Dual Qualification in Professional Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking
leading to

CTH Level 3 in
Professional Cookery – Confectionery & Patisserie

A specialist intermediate-level course, that develops learners' food preparation, cooking and finishing techniques specifically for pastry, desserts and other baked goods.

Course Certification

  • ​TESDA National Certficate II in Bread & Pastry Production

  • Completion Certificate from Apicius Culinary Arts with Recognition of Quality Culinary Culinary education from WorldChefs

  • CTH Level 3 Diploma in Professional Cookery - Confectionery & Patisserie


Program Overview

This comprehensive qualification offers a complete foundation in patisserie and confectionery, equipping you with the essential skills required for a successful career as a pastry chef. Not only does it enhance your overall culinary capabilities, but it also opens up diverse opportunities in the culinary industry.

Whether you are an aspiring professional pastry chef, currently employed and looking to advance in your career, or a passionate home baker interested in honing your craft, this program caters to all levels. The curriculum provides in-depth training across a broad range of areas, from basic techniques to advanced pastry and confectionery creation.

Pastry chefs are always in high demand across the catering industry. Opportunities range from working in top-tier restaurants and creating breads, pastries, and desserts for catering businesses to crafting delicate delights in classic patisserie settings.

The art of pastry and baking demands a unique set of skills, separate from those required for chef de cuisine roles. Traits such as precision, attention to detail, patience, and excellent organization define a successful pastry chef. This course has been meticulously designed to prepare students to meet industry expectations, teaching fundamental skills and techniques needed to excel in this exciting craft.

While the course incorporates the theoretical knowledge necessary to understand the science behind baking and patisserie, it primarily focuses on maximizing practical training and hands-on practice in the kitchen. You'll engage in a range of exercises, from creating delicate pastries to mastering chocolate work, sugar artistry, and decorative techniques.

Graduates of this course will emerge well-prepared to take on roles in the culinary industry, with the skills and confidence to craft exquisite pastries and confections. Whether you choose to pursue a career in a five-star hotel, open your own bakery, or venture into a different area of the culinary world, this qualification will provide the tools you need for a successful and fulfilling journey.

Internship Opportunities

Through this program, you can gain valuable international experience in various countries, including the USA, Southeast Asian nations, Spain, Poland, France, Greece, Malta, Mauritius, and the Czech Republic.

Pathway Opportunities

Through this program, students can enhance their education in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Spain. The program offers a combination of study and a well-paid internship experience.

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