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admission requirements

Admission Requirements


  • Medical Certificate (Indicating if student is fit for training)

  • NSO-issued or Authenticated Birth Certificate

  • NSO Married Certificate (for married female applicants)

  • School Credentials:

    • High School Level: Form 137

    • High School Graduate: High School Diploma & Form 137

    • College Level: High School Diploma & Transcript of Records

    • College Graduate: High School Diploma, College Diploma, Transcript of RecordD

  • 5 pieces recent colored “Passport-size” picture in white background

  • 2 piece recent colored “1×1 size” picture in white background

  • 1 whole body picture in complete Chef uniform in white background

  • Other requirements requested by the institution

registration and enrollment

Step 1: Assessment and Registration

Go to the Administration Office for assessment and registration.
Monday – Sunday
8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Step 2: Medical Examination

Applicants will be given a referral for medical examination. Applicants will be given a referral for medical examination and will have it taken in the affiliated laboratory of the school. Medical results will be given after two (2) working days. If no results are forwarded to the school, applicants will follow up the medical result and will comply if there are pending tests.

Step 3: Enrollment Proper

Once the student passed the medical examination and is fit for training, the student will go back to the Administration office to bring all the admission requirements and submit the all requested documents to the administration/enrollment officer.

Step 4: Payment

The student is required to pay the application fee upon registration. The application fee is deductible to the total tuition fee but non-refundable if the student cancels his/her enrollment.

The student has the option of paying the application fee only or the total down payment of the course.

If student only paid the application fee, the student needs to pay the full down payment of the course prior to the class start.

Step 5: Training Schedule

Registered students will be advised of exact date of the start of the class. Start of the class depends on the number of student enrolled. Please contact us by calling us at (02) 829-8640 for follow-up of the final schedule and instructions.

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