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About Apicius

A world-class institution providing global quality culinary education with affordable multiple learning programs.


Apicius is a student-oriented institution and we are very proud of that commitment.

With the demand for competent cooks and chefs in the food, tourism and restaurant including the airline catering industry, we are certain that equipping future Filipino workers with adequate culinary skills will be seen in the international arena as genuine advocacy. Eventually, these innovative endeavors will be considered globally a passionate pursuit of hospitality service.

  • We provide a quality career education and explore students’ passion so they can pursue their goal of a career in the culinary or hospitality industry.

  • We teach our students various techniques and expose them to the preparation of international cuisine throughout the training. Including Menu planning, Recipe creation, Inventory, Cost and Stock level control.

  • We provide our students the theoretical foundation and technical skills that can be applied to the preparation of ethnic cooking styles.

  • We assist our students and support them in career aspirations to help them achieve their goals, finding a job, and to make their dreams come true.

  • We provide basic Public Health Training based on USPH or UK Standards to ensure that the students are aware of these regulations already when they join your company.


Providing our clients in the Hospitality, Cargo Shipping and Cruise Industry with responsible and skilled culinary leaders, who will apply their trade locally and abroad promoting art, passion and commitment.


Our passion and dedication will make us a leader in the art of culinary education. Our graduates will be skilled and responsible assets to the food industry.

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