International Dual Degree in Culinary Arts

Apicius Culinary Arts x HRC Culinary Academy

STUDY, WORK and TRAVEL in 3 continents for as little of 2 years and earn an International Dual Degree Diploma in Culinary Arts.

The International Dual Degree Program offers an incredible opportunity for landing a successful career in the USA or in continental Europe. After receiving their Diploma, the graduates can count on a vast HRC Network of 400+ alumni, present at every continent and get a full career support!

This program offer you an incredible opportunity to train at top culinary institute, followed by a well-paid OJT in the USA.

Program Overview

APICIUS students will study one year program in Diploma in Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking in cooperation with HRC that the students upgrade for a technical study to become a production cook, to full all-around program which allows them to have the skills set and knowledge to become a future culinary leader and Head Chef in the food industry.

The program aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the gastronomy world, advanced cooking techniques, skills and creativity so that they can demonstrate their innovative ideas in a true high-end international culinary career!

Short Summary of the Curriculum

In the first 6 months the student need to undergo culinary training with Apicius in preparation for further studies in Europe. Through culinary programs, students will learn basic kitchen operations, history of major cuisines, cooking techniques, and health and safety procedures.

Short summary of the curriculum includes:

  • Food Safety and Kitchen Hygiene

  • Familiarization with Common Herbs & Spices

  • Salads, Colds Sandwiches and Appetizers

  • Stocks and Mother Sauces

  • National Soups of various countries

  • Different Cooking Methods

  • Nutrition and Vegan Dishes

  • Basic Knife Skills

  • International Cookery

  • Bread Making & Pastry Production

  • Introduction to Hospitality

  • Leadership and Communication

Another 6 months of culinary training in the real kitchen setting. The student need to undergo practicum in a hotel following the training plan that will be provided by Apicius. Student has an option to choose either local or international internship.

For local, we will be the one to endorse the student to our local hotel partners.

For International Internship, the student may choose from South East Asian countries or Spain. Our sister company, Advance Global Skills will be the one help the student to our international hotel principal + the documentation and processing of VISA (if any)

After a year, the student will go straight to Bulgaria for another 6 months of advanced culinary training with the opportunity to train with different foreign national students.

The highlights of the training will be focused on:

  • Advanced Cooking

  • F&B Modular Training

  • Food Photography & Styling

  • Hospitality Management

The student has an option to work part time up to 20-hours per week and earn as much as 180 EUR per week.

Graduation will be also held at HRC Culinary Academy.


HIGH PRIORITY (Before Class Starts)

1. Medical Certificate (need to request the ff. Cbc, Urinalysis, Fecalysis, X-ray, Drug Test and Hepa A&B screening and physical examination) We can give a referral for your medical.

2. For minors, Parents or Legal Guardian Consent.

3. Long White Folder

MEDIUM PRIORITY (At the First Day of Class)

4. Photo copy of Birth Certificate or Civil Registry

5. School Credentials

At least one of the following:

a.High School Diploma or Form 137 b.College Diploma or TOR

6. Barangay or Police or NBI clearance,

LAST PRIORITY (When Student Has Chef Uniform)

7. 5 pieces “Passport-size” picture in Chef Uniform with white background.

8. 2 pcs. “1x1-size” picture in Chef Uniform with white background.

9. 1 whole body picture in complete in Chef uniform with white background.

10. Resume – Apicius Format

Duration and Schedule

486 Hours (81 Sessions) + 600 Hours OJT

3 Sessions per week, 6 hours per Session (18 hours per week)

  • Mon-Tue-Wed (8am-2pm)

  • Mon-Tue-Wed (2pm-8pm)

  • Thu-Fri-Sat (8am-2pm)

  • Thu-Fri-Sat (2pm-8pm)

Included in the Course

  • Detailed Course Book
  • Recipes and Information Hand Outs
  • Ingredients for all cooking sessions
  • Free use of all Equipments and Utensils during the course
  • 1 Set of Chef’s Uniform & Shoes
  • 1 Set of Knives

1st Year
6 months at any Apicius campus + 6 months local internship
2nd year
6 months at HRC Culinary Academy in Bulgaria.
Free Internship
6-12 Free Paid Internship in USA
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