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Student Loan Information

Students who will to enroll in any of our diploma programs and those students who will take international internship or pathway education abroad are eligible to apply for a personal loan through our partner bank.

Filling Out a Form

Loan Details

  • Our partner bank is Sterling Bank of Asia

  • Loan amount shall be limited to the amount as stated in the student’s tuition fee assessment or for a maximum

  • Loanable amount of Php 300,000.00 whichever is lower.

  • Term of the loan shall be twelve (12), eighteen (18) or twenty four (24) months;

  • Initial interest rate of loan shall be at the prevailing rate of the BANK which is 1.8% per month but  however subject to changes depending on the prevailing market at the time of loan release;

  • No collateral is required  With co-maker requirement.

  • Photocopy of 2 valid IDs with 3 specimen signatures  Photocopy of latest 

Documentary Requirements

For Employed

  • Completely filled-out Application Form

  • Copy of 1 month latest pay slip

  • Latest BIR Form 2316 with complete signature

  • Photocopy of Company ID

  • Photocopy of 1 Government ID

  • Latest 2 months credit card statements (if any)

  • Certificate of Employment (for selected companies

For Self Employed

  • Completely filled-out Application Form

  • Business Permit

  • DTI or SEC Registration w/ Gen. Information Sheet

  • Latest six (6) months Bank Statement

  • Latest two (2) years BIR ITR with Audited Financial Statement

  • Latest two (2) months credit card statements (if any)

  • Trade references (3 customers & 3 suppliers with contact details)

Application Process

1. Applicant may download the application form here.

2. Applicant must completely filled the application form and submit the requirements required to the nearest Apicius Branch.

3. Apicius will the one to send the copy of your application and requirements to Sterling Bank of Asia

4. Processing time may take minimum 2 weeks-4-weeksfrom the date of your application.

5. Once approved, Sterling Bank will notify the student on the of the release of the approved amount.

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