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Sushi, California Rolls and simple Japan

During this course you will learn how to prepare simple famous Dishes from Japan.

Course Duration: 2 Days Course, 8 hours each Day

Following Subjects will be covered:

  • What is Sushi ?

  • Sushi Rice, and Sushi condiments

  • Basic Rolling of Sushi

  • California Rolls

  • Maki Rolls with various fillings

  • Ebi Rolls

  • Ikura rolls

  • Temaki Rolls

  • Sashimi of Tuna

  • Sashimi of Salmon

  • Garnishing and presentation of Sushi and Sashimi

  • Beef Teriyaki

  • Tonkatsu of Pork or Chicken

  • Tempura of Vegetables, Shrimp and Fish

  • Miso Soup

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