Learn to DEVELOP YOUR OWN FOOD BUSINESS without border! As we adapt to the #NEWNORMAL brought by this pandemic, we proudly present this new 100% ONLINE FOOD BUSINESS PROGRAM for you.

Program Overview

This 10 days online program will allows you to learn how develop your own food business concept from the scratch; The basic principles of cooking and its science; Creation of Menus, Recipe and Cost management; Food Safety and Sanitation; Marketing and advertising; and Recruitment, Selection and Training of your people.

Enjoy the countless advantages of this online program as you obtain an education and experience that will open doors to an impressive and successful business career.

Course Outline

The Food Industry – Overview
The Organization of Modern Kitchen
A Brief History of the Modern Food Service
Introduction to Quantity Food Equipment, Cooking Equipment, Processing Equipment, Holding and Storage Equipment, Measuring Equipment
DAY 2 – FOOD (Continuation)
Basic Principles of Cooking and Food Science
Building Flavours
Understanding Vegetables, Fish and Seafood
Understanding Meat, Poultry and Game Day 3 – Food (Continuation)
Menus, Recipe and Cost Management
Menu Forms and Functions
Building the Menu
The Standard Recipe Day 4 – Food (Continuation)
Measurement/Converting the Recipe
Food Cost Calculation
Controlling Food Cost
Inventory Management Day 5 – Food (Continuation)
Yield Test
Nutrition Science
The Balanced Diet
Cooking Healthy Meals Day 6 – Service
Package and Label
Quality Assurance
Food Costing/Pricing Day 7 – Service
Basic Customer Service in Food Industry
Advertising and PR
Use of Social Media Platforms Day 8 – Safety
Planning Product and Production
Food Safety and Sanitation
Good Manufacturing Practice Day 9 – Profitability
Groundwork for Business Success
Vision and Revision
Business Plan
Preparing for the Road Ahead
Market Analysis
Food Business in the New Normal Day 10 – People
Recruitment and Selection Process
Requirements for Food Handlers
Training and Development Day 11 – Examination (to secure the certificate of attendance)

Program Fee

Program Fee is Php10,000.00 only.

Full payment upon enrollment through bank deposit or fund transfer.

Bank details will be sent to you upon confirmation of application.

Application and Enrollment Process

  • Register here in the application below. After which, bank details will be sent to you.
  • Pay tuition fee through bank deposit, fund transfer, Gcash Bank transfer or PayPal.
  • Send via email the validated deposit slip or screenshot of payment with your full name. Upon receipt, complete your enrollment profile here:
  • An e-mail confirmation will be sent to you and a reminder before the start of the course.


  1. Food- To provide a satisfying customer experience that includes enjoyable food, convenience through online ordering and delivery while running an operation that is efficient enough to make money.
  2. Service – To provide food using online platform that food businesses utilizes to form an interpersonal service to deliver food to customers.
  3. Safety- To ensure that business is keeping the customers and employees’ safe at all times.
  4. Profitability - To keep the costs low enough to run a profitable operation and increase revenue by bringing in new customers and keeping existing customers.
  5. People – To train and coach employees. This should be a priority on the goals. The effort in putting your employees should come out proportionally in customer service and quality client interactions.

Duration and Schedule

Starting Date: September 7, 2020 End Date: September 18, 2020 Day: Monday to Friday Time: 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM


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