International Dual Degree in Culinary Arts

STUDY, WORK and TRAVEL in 3 continents for as little of 2 years and earn an International Dual Degree Diploma in Culinary Arts.

6 months at any Apicius campus + 6 months local internship

6 months at Culinary Academy in Bulgaria

6-12 months PAID Internship in USA.

The International Dual Degree Program offers an incredible opportunity for landing a successful career in the USA or in continental Europe. After receiving their Diploma, the graduates can count on a vast HRC Network of 400+ alumni, present at every continent and get a full career support!

This program offer you an incredible opportunity to train at top culinary institute, followed by a well-paid OJT in the USA.

Diploma in Culinary Arts, Pastry & Baking

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International Diploma in Professional Cookery Level 3