Diploma in Culinary Arts

Pastry and Baking

Combination of Cookery NC II + Bread and Pastry Production NC II
under TESDA competency based program

Our unique Diploma professional training program offers you the opportunity to harness the fundamentals skill sets in both Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry.

Program Overview

Our ‘Dual Diploma’ program will offer you the opportunity to learn two unique disciplines within one year – tri semester to better round your knowledge and skills as a professional for the hospitality food service industry.

The opportunity to travel and learn international dishes abroad will widen your culinary understanding and skills.

Short Summary about the Curriculum

  • Safety at the work place, Basic sanitation and Safe food handling rules
  • Getting to know Kitchen equipments and tools
  • Product knowledge on Fruit and Vegetables and their handling
  • Getting to know Spices and Herbs
  • Knife handling and Cutting techniques
  • Preparation of Potato and Vegetable dishes
  • Preparation of Salads and Cold appetizers
  • Pate, Terrines and other Classic Appetizers
  • Fish and Seafood Handling and Preparation
  • Meat and Poultry Handling and Preparation
  • Getting to know Classic Cooking Methods
  • Getting to know Soups, Stocks and the Mother Sauces
  • Getting to know National Soups of various countries
  • Getting to know Pasta, Rice and Egg dishes
  • Getting to know Classic French dishes
  • Getting to know Classic Italian Dishes
  • Getting to know Dishes from the United States
  • Getting to know Basic Vegetarian Cooking
  • Getting to know some Asian Cooking
  • Getting to know Classic International Desserts and sweets
  • How to create Menus


HIGH PRIORITY (Before Class Starts)

1. Medical Certificate (need to request the ff. Cbc, Urinalysis, Fecalysis, X-ray, Drug Test and Hepa A&B screening and physical examination) We can give a referral for your medical.

2. For minors, Parents or Legal Guardian Consent.

3. Long White Folder

MEDIUM PRIORITY (At the First Day of Class)

4. Photo copy of Birth Certificate or Civil Registry

5. School Credentials

At least one of the following:

a.High School Diploma or Form 137 b.College Diploma or TOR

6. Barangay or Police or NBI clearance,

LAST PRIORITY (When Student Has Chef Uniform)

7. 5 pieces “Passport-size” picture in Chef Uniform with white background.

8. 2 pcs. “1x1-size” picture in Chef Uniform with white background.

9. 1 whole body picture in complete in Chef uniform with white background.

10. Resume – Apicius Format

Duration and Schedule

720 Hours (120 Sessions) + 300-600 Hours OJT

3 Sessions per week, 6 hours per Session (18 hours per week)

  • Mon-Tue-Wed (8am-2pm)

  • Mon-Tue-Wed (2pm-8pm)

  • Thu-Fri-Sat (8am-2pm)

  • Thu-Fri-Sat (2pm-8pm)

Included in the Course

  • Detailed Course Book
  • Recipes and Information Hand Outs
  • Ingredients for all cooking sessions
  • Free use of all Equipments and Utensils during the course
  • 1 Set of Chef’s Uniform & Shoes
  • 1 Set of Knives

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