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Dual Qualification in Professional Culinary Arts, Pastry and Baking

Combination of Cookery NC II + Bread and Pastry Production NC II under TESDA competency-based program + the option of Pathway education in Europe including paid international internship.

Program Overview

Our unique professional training program offers you the opportunity to harness the fundamentals skill sets in both Culinary Arts, Baking & Pastry.


This program will offer you the opportunity to learn two unique disciplines within one year – tri semester to better round your knowledge and skills as a professional for the hospitality foodservice industry.

Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Culinary Arts

  • General Safety at Work Place

  • Safe Food Preparation Procedures

  • Personal Hygiene and Kitchen Hygiene

  • Menu Planning & Recipe Costing

  • Identifying and familiarizing  Kitchen Equipment

  • Market Tour and Farm Tour

  • Introduction to the 5 Mother Sauces 

  • Basic Knife Skills

  • Different Cooking and Preparation Methods

  • National Soups of various countries

  • International Pasta Dishes and Egg Cookery

  • Pork, Beef and Poultry Dishes

  • Vegetarian Cookery

  • Food Processing

  • Different International Cuisines

  • Preparation of White Loaf and Whole Wheat Bread

  • Basics of Dough and Dough handling

  • Preparation of French Baguette & Crispy Bread Rolls

  • Preparation of Brioche & Croissant  

  • Danish Pastry with various fillings

  • Muffins and Cup Cakes and Cookies

  • Storage of Bread Products 

  • Decoration of Bakery Products

  • Sponge Cake and variations

  • Preparation of various Tarts, Tartelette & Pie

  • Preparation of Chocolate Mousse and Fruit Mousse

  • Preparation of Brownies and Cookies

  • Preparation of Petit Fours made of Marzipan

  • Decoration Ideas for Cakes and Pastries

Internship Opportunities

With this program, you’re eligible to gain international experience in any of these countries: USA, Southeast Asian Countries, Spain, Poland, France, Greece, Malta, Mauritius & Czech Republic.

Pathway Opportunities

Bridging program to the prestigious culinary school in the Europe: Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Croatia and Czech Republic

Diploma  & Certification

  • Completion Certificate from Apicius with Recognition of Quality Culinary Culinary education from WorldChefs

  • 2 National Certification from TESDA

  • International Diploma from the preferred International school

Business Meeting

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